About MRA

The path to your child's future

Madison-Ridgeland Academy is a community of students, parents, faculty, staff, administrators and alumni—an extended family—who are committed to the school’s mission of developing the mind, body, and spirit of each child to the highest standards. This mission is manifested daily in our school life through outstanding academic offerings accompanied by a full array of artistic and athletic programs, a Christian emphasis in our school life, and a myriad of clubs and organizations with opportunities to lead and serve others. We are a college preparatory school serving students from K3 through graduation. MRA provides a pathway to a well-rounded learning experience which prepares students for lives of learning, character, and service.

We are a family

MRA embodies everything that defines a family: supportive, loving, caring, encouraging, and welcoming. We are a community of students, parents, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni who value this family atmosphere and make maintaining it a priority especially as we continue to grow.

We sow seeds of faith

MRA is a Christian school with a multi-denominational student body. The choice to have a Christ-centered focus reflects our desire to provide not just academic growth, but spiritual growth as well. 

We have high expectations with Accountability

We set lofty goals in academics, character, and behavior and hold our students, faculty, staff and administrators accountable for the results.

We have a shared sense of what is important

We have a mission and vision accompanied by a system of beliefs, values, and goals that we communicate by actions and words.

We are welcoming

MRA embraces and respects all our students and families. We encourage involvement by all and provide opportunities to do so.

We have a positive atmosphere

MRA has an affirming, student-centered, innovative learning environment where each child is valued for his or her talents and gifts.

We are progressive

MRA is visionary and innovative in adapting to today’s education and technology.

We are diligent

We value hard work, effort, productivity, and improvement in our students, faculty, staff and administration.