Campus Safety

Your child's safety is of paramount concern to our faculty, administration, staff, and Board of Trustees. We are so pleased with our gated community and the ability to lock down the school at a moment's notice. The gates are also used daily for campus safety. To facilitate carpool lines, all gates are open at 7:00 a.m. then are closed at 8:30 a.m. with the only open gate being the one on Old Canton Road toward the end of the football field. This gate is staffed with a security guard and serves as a welcome center for all visitors. Parents, students and faculty are given vehicle decals to enable them to be identified and pass through. Additionally, we are very fortunate to be located in a wonderful, safe community and enjoy a great relationship with our local authorities.

As precautionary tactics, our Board of Trustees has approved action plans to be utilized in the event of problems ranging from domestic difficulties to major events. MRA hired one of the nation's top security firms to design an outstanding safety program in which we are linked to our local police. All faculty and staff are trained in security procedures.

Weather-related concerns are of extreme importance. We are provided up-to-the-minute data from special weather services. This info is timely and extremely accurate. This website will list any weather alerts, along with sending e-notices. We rely also on our city and county first-responders and have been blessed with their dedication to the safety of our children.

As circumstances arise, sometimes it becomes necessary to notify your school officials about personal safety and security concerns. We welcome this information as a positive and preventative step in maintaining the safety and quality of life of our student body. Please be mindful all information will be kept confidential, but if you alert us, action will be taken.

MRA is a safe, secure environment and is dedicated to maintaining that atmosphere for our children and staff.