1st - 5th Grades

"We want our children to love learning! While student achievement is the focus of MRA Elementary, it is accompanied by nurture and support so that our children can explore, experiment, and excel." - Amanda Smillie, Elementary Principal

As a parent, you are a key member of your student's educational experience, and we are delighted to work in partnership with you. Our staff is dedicated to the belief that each child will be provided opportunities to reach his or her full academic and social potential. Our vision for students includes the integration of a Christian emphasis into a curriculum where character, values, and essential life skills are emphasized and modeled by a professional, dedicated faculty. This Christian philosophy of education is at the core of all areas of study. In support of that belief, our staff is committed to doing the following:

  • having high expectations for all of our learners
  • providing a safe, caring and positive class atmosphere for all students
  • implementing a rigorous core curriculum
  • incorporating Biblical principles into every aspect of our curriculum
  • providing enrichment class that will foster and support student interest and talents
  • communicating with parents regularly regarding your child's progress


  • Math
  • Math Lab
  • Reading
  • Language Arts
  • Science
  • STEM Lab
  • Social Studies



Art celebrates each student’s individuality and fosters self-expression and creativity through the design process. They develop an understanding of color, line, shape, texture, pattern, and balance. Students are led to appreciate the art around them and brought to understand how it can enrich their lives.


The Elementary Library is a center of inquiry where information literacy skills are integrated with classroom content. Curriculum emphasizes the development of research skills, the discovery of the joy of reading, and the promotion of lifelong learning.


Elementary students participate in two music classes every week in the Elementary Music Room. Elementary music classes incorporate moving the body to the beat, singing quality music literature with good technique, developing music reading skills, playing pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments, discovering important historical figures in music, identifying musical instruments, and developing a love for music.


Physical education is designed with both the psycho-motor, cognitive, and effective development of the children in mind. It focuses on the development of motor skills, strength, cardio-vascular fitness, aerobic and anaerobic energy systems, and flexibility while the student is involved in activities that develop creative thinking, problem solving, and appropriate social behavior.


Bible enables students to develop a knowledge and understanding of the content and concepts of the Bible. They will be able to identify the geographical and historical context of the Bible as well as understand and apply a Biblical worldview to everyday life.


Our Computer/Technology class, with across the curriculum integration, is essential for effective education in an information based society. A strong foundation in technology provides for effective integration in all areas. This foundation also enables students to achieve success in learning, communication, and life skills.

Amanda Smillie
Elementary Principal

Elementary Hours

School Hours
8:00 - 3:00

Homework Express
3:00 - 6:00