MRA is visionary and innovative in adapting to today’s educational uses for technology beginning in K3 and continuing through graduation. It is our goal to use technology to enhance and complement instruction in a meaningful and appropriate way throughout a student's educational journey.


As a leader in utilizing technology in the classroom, MRA introduced Phase I of our three year 1:1 iPad Initiative in 2013. Now that we have completed Phase 1, we are pleased to announce Phase II of our Apple Initiative.

  • MRA provides all 5-8 grade students with an iPad Air and all 9-12 grade students with an Apple MacBook Air.
  • MRA will own and maintain these devices, and the internet will be filtered, maintained, and monitored by MRA.
  • These devices will be leased through the school and will be included in the 2017-18 tuition.
  • All children in grades K3—4th will have iPads in the classroom and will continue to attend weekly computer classes.

The goal of this initiative is to use educational technologies to support students in becoming active problem solvers and creative thinkers and to provide students with constant feedback on their achievements.

The benefits of our leasing program include:


Enabling content filtering and support for students to enhance active learning and minimize the negative effects of potential distractions


Partnering with parents to provide proper application of technology as we seek to ensure safe, appropriate, and acceptable use


Preparing Pre-K through 12th graders to compete in a rapidly changing world, developing technology-savvy students who are critical thinkers, collaborators, and confident communicators


Providing convenient and affordable upkeep of your child’s device while continuing to keep current in this age of quickly changing technology

As we move forward to Phase II of our Apple Initiative, we are proud to build upon the strong foundation of cutting edge technology that is transforming both teaching and learning at MRA.