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Why MRA?

Whether it is the foundational pre-school and kindergarten years, the formative elementary years, the bridge years of middle school, or the comprehensive years of high school—each of these steps along the path of your child’s education are important to you…and to us! We look forward to meeting you and your family and telling you more about MRA.

Why MRA? Because the path you choose matters

A path can lead you to and from many places, but perhaps the most important path is the one that leads you home to your family. And MRA is home to our students, faculty, parents, and alums. In fact, during our recent accreditation renewal process, students and parents were asked to state the most important aspect of MRA and the overwhelming answer was, “We are a family.”

MRA began in 1969 and the family atmosphere and individualized attention were an integral part of the culture of the school. As the school has experienced exponential growth in student numbers, record academic achievements, and championship athletic accomplishments, an emphasis was placed on maintaining these core values that make us different and special…..and us. We invite you to visit and experience this atmosphere for yourself.

Every child’s journey is different, and it is our joy to help your child find the way to his or her destination.

Every child's journey is different, and it is our joy to help your child find the way to his or her destination. In fact, we will help guide your child on the path from childhood to young adulthood accompanied by knowledge, learning, and personal growth. We will help find your child’s passion and potential while developing the talents with which God has gifted him or her. You have many options in education in the Metro area and we would love to show you why the pathway to your child’s future should begin at MRA. Join us for a campus tour and see the MRA family in action. Take the path that leads you home.