Explore the path to expression

The Visual and Performing Arts Department at MRA provides an avenue through which every student at every age level has the opportunity to explore and develop his or her creative gifts and abilities. Whether through the integrated art program in the kindergarten, or through the beautiful drawings, paintings, or sculptures produced by children in grades 1 – 12, students learn the skills needed to unlock and hone the potential hidden in their imaginations.

Music is an integral part of a student’s experience at MRA. Students are exposed to music through formal classes where they study music theory, play instruments, and sing! They also have many opportunities tdevelop their confidence through singing in chapel, choir concerts, and in musicals.

Each year, the Visual and Performing Arts Department produces a large-scale musical that features students of all ages. The annual production is designed to highlight students’ talents in drama, vocal performance, set design and construction, costuming, and lighting-- all the while setting students on the path to increasing their confidence, commitment, collaborative skills, and creativity.