Performing Arts

Kindergarten Music

Kindergarten students in K3 and K4 participate in two music classes every week, and K5 students participate in one music class every week. Classes are held in the kindergarten music room where students are encouraged to dance and move around while singing and acting out motions. The music teacher combines CD songs and piano songs in every class in order to connect with different learning styles. Small instruments are used during class and the students are allowed to trade several times. The students use the instruments to build listening skills while playing along to different rhythms and tempos. They also use rhythm sticks to tap out different beats and color wands to make shapes and patterns in the air while listening to music.

Kindergarten Productions

All classes learn to play the handbells and enjoy performing a handbell song at each grade level program during the year. At Christmas time, the K5 students enjoy presenting a "Happy Birthday Jesus" program for parents and grandparents. Before Spring Break, the K4 students proudly share what they have learned in Bible class through the "God's Story, My Story" musical. The K3 students have fun participating in the "Springtime Garden" program where they are dressed as birds, bees, flowers, and butterflies. Each grade level program honors grandparents with a special reception and gift. After the end of year K5 graduation ceremony, kindergarten students are prepared for elementary music and building on their love for music.

Elementary Music

Elementary students participate in two music classes every week in the Elementary Music Room. Elementary music classes incorporate moving the body to the beat, singing quality music literature with good technique, developing music reading skills, playing pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments, discovering important historical figures in music, identifying musical instruments, and developing a love for music.

Elementary Productions

All students in 1st-5th grade participate in a musical for Grandparents Day, which is performed in the gym. The 4th and 5th grades participate in a Christmas musical and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders participate in a Spring musical. The music literature for both performances is different every year. The elementary has two extra-curricular choral groups for 4th and 5 grade students, Chapel Singers and Honor Choir. The Chapel Singers lead worship every Tuesday morning during chapel service. The Honor choir joins our high school choir every December for a caroling trip to local nursing homes and in the spring for the MRA Spring Choral Concert. The goal of the Elementary music program is to adequately equip every student for participation in the high school music program and to continue the development of the student’s love for music.

MS/HS Music, Drama, and Productions

All 6th grade students start out their MRA Middle School experience with a General Music class. Students continue to expand their musical knowledge and reading skills in group performances once every 9 weeks. Students are invited to audition for the spring musical and work with upper classmen to produce a program that features students from all grade levels.

The choir classes focus on group performance, improving listening skills and team work. Students learn to give constructive criticism and to make effective and productive rehearsal plans for a variety of performances including small chapel concerts, formal evening concerts, and full-blown musical productions. Students are given leadership opportunities through the Choir Council and Choir Buddies, a program that pairs MS/HS choir members with Elementary Honor Choir students. Students have the opportunity for additional performance experiences with the chapel band and Vocal Ensemble, MRA’s auditioned vocal group.

MRA Drama culminates every year with the spring production. From building characters to building sets, the drama department does it all. Students start out with the basics of theater and improvisation and perform weekly in the class before moving on to large scale projects like the annual Fall Revue and the spring musical.