Track and Field - Varsity Girls



Things to Know

  • To participate in track, every girl must have a current physical on file at the school.
  • All girls in grades 7-9 will participate in the Jr. High division. At the end of the Jr. High season, some Jr. High girls will be moved up to compete on the Varsity team for the Division and State meets.
  • Varsity will be girls in grades 10-12.
  • All athletes must maintain a 76 average in their academic subjects to be able to compete. Grades are checked every 3 weeks.
  • The first 2 weeks of practice will be a try-out period to see what areas each girl has potential in. All girls will be given the opportunity to try every event. Practice
    • Girls can practice during their athletic period (basketball/PE) during the school day. Some days they will also be required to stay for after-school practice, which will be from 3:30- 4:30.
    • Girls without an athletic period during the school day will need to practice every day after school. If they have a study hall period, it may be possible for them to practice during that time.
    • Practice will begin February 5 . For girls practicing during their basketball period, they will begin practice whenever their basketball season is over.
    • It will be cold many days for practice, so make sure you are dressed properly. You will need warmups – your own, or you can purchase the MRA track warmups.
    • All girls will be expected to be at every practice unless sick or have prior approval by Coach Black. It is the responsibility of each girl to let Coach Black know if she has to miss practice. Meets
    • Meets will start in March. Usually one a week – usually on Wednesday.
    • Jr. High & Varsity will compete on the same day at the meets.
    • Parents are responsible for getting the girls to each meet in a timely manner.
    • Most of our meets will be at MRA, JA and Prep. Uniforms/Gear

• The school will provide each girl with a uniform- a singlet (top) and shorts, which will be turned back in at the end of the season. You must provide your own track shoes, warmups, and other gear you want.


  • Coach Black will send out parent emails with pertinent information regarding meets and practices. She will also send group text messages to the girls when needed.
  • Coach Black’s email-