Ultimate Frisbee - Varsity


Name Grade
Fares Bahro 11
Harper Blake 11
Parker Blewett 12
Brock Breedlove 12
Max Brooks 11
Aaron Brownlee 12
Caleb Cameron 11
Sims Dixon 11
Drew Douglas 11
Tyler Francis 12
Matthew Headley 12
Nathan Hill 12
Zak Ingram 12
Surya Jaishankar 12
Reed James 12
Isaac Johnson 12
Aden Long 12
Jameson Moore 12
Landes Purnell 12
Cole Ruwe 12
Russ Sceroler 12
Christian Smalling 11
Carter Wachtel 12
Walker Watters 7
Grant Watts 12
Colby Wynn 11


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Coach Info

  • Head Coach

    Matt Bramuchi is a native of Madison, MS and has been with MRA for 3 years. In addition to teaching and serving as the chair of the Science Department, he is the chief instructor for martial arts at MRA, as well as head coach of the school's ulitmate Frisbee team.

    Matt is a graduate of Mississippi State University (B.S. Microbiology/M.B.A.) and the University of Mississippi (B.S. Pharmaceutical Sciences). Before joining MRA, he worked and taught at MSU, as well as operated his own private consulting firm in the Golden Triangle Redion. After 15 years of being away from Madison, Matt returned home to become a full-time teacher and coach, as well as be closer to family.

    Matt has been playing and coaching ultimate Frisbee for over 15 years. In his two years at the helm of MRA's team, his teams have established a dominant presence in the state of Mississippi.