The mission of PATS (Parents and Teachers Association) is to involve all MRA parents, faculty members, and administrative personnel in programs, projects, and activities designed to benefit our students and school. All MRA parents along with MRA Faculty members and administrative personnel are members of PATS. There are many ways to participate in PATS, and some of those include: serving on the PATS Executive Board, serving as a Committee Chair, or serving as a Navigator. In addition, every parent has the opportunity to get involved in PATS sponsored activities throughout the year.

PATS sponsored events

Gardens of Madison County
Coordinating the sale of School Supply Kits
New Patron Ice Cream Social
Back-to-School Luncheon for Faculty/Staff and Administration
Monthly “Moms in Touch” meetings
Box-top Collection

PATS Board 2017 - 2018

President- Meagen Mallett
Vice President- Tina Hendry
Treasurer- Grace Moore
Secretary- Tina Hendry

Kindergarten- Suzanne Williams
Elementary- Melissa Duncan
Middle School- Stephanie Baker
High School- Jennifer Hilliard

Sunshine Coordinator- Nancy Smylie
Service Coordinator- Wendy Bounds
Kindergarten Teacher Representative- Courtney Streeter
Elementary Teacher Representative- Ashley Rich
Middle School Teacher Representative- Marcia Smith
High School Teacher Representative- Tonya Reeves
Board of Trustees Representative- Monica Saulters
Ex-Officio- Amber Arnold

Gardens of Madison County - Michelle Crews and Luly Johnson
Hospitality Committee Chair- Stacey Carter
Hospitality Committee Co-Chairs- Toni Dearman, Clare Dowe
Welcome Committee Chair- Courtney Kirk
Welcome Committee Co-Chairs- Mindy Cobb, Byars Martin
* Representatives: Leisje Noone (Kindergarten), Leslie LaCour (Elementary), Missy Kinkade (Middle School), Linda Ishee (High School)
School Supplies Coordinator- Brienne Smith
School Supplies Coordinator Elect- Jamie Kerr
Beautification- Mindy Cobb, Sarah Seabrook
Moms In Touch Coordinator- Mona McBride
* Representatives: Karla Murray (Elementary)
Box Tops Coordinators- Jill Upchurch, Allison Miller (Kindergarten), Kerri Watkins (Elementary)
Publicity- Leslie Dixon

K3: Anna Smith
K4: Kim Rogers
K5: Anne Jernigan
1ST Grade: Head – Courtney Kirk, Amy McInteer
2nd Grade: Head – Christine Bridges, Yolanda Dampier
3rd Grade: Head – Jenny Montgomery, Janice Stevens
4th Grade: Head – Kelly Dixon, Kelly Kyzar
5th Grade: Head – Grace Fuller, Lauren Grissom, Tara Lay, Missy Kinkade
6th Grade: Head – Rachel Rimmer, Jennifer Rhea, Wendy Holladay
7th Grade: Head – Christa Ewing, Karen Hayes, Suzanne Lambert
8th Grade: Head – Jennifer Long, Margaret Biggs, Ashlie Dalton
9th Grade: Head – Tori Heard, Kristie Cameron, Tonya Barber
10th Grade: Head – Tracie Coon, Rebecca Wilson, Amy Feild
11th Grade: Head – Neely Hudnall, Lou Ann Woidtke, Leigh Blaylock, Ann Clare Barr
12th Grade: Head – Teresa Dillon, Assistant Head – Nancy Smylie, Lee Powell, Tonya Reeves, Paige Long, Michelle McCrory, Rhonda Loeb, Danielle Correro, Monica Saulters