School Uniforms

Students are required to dress in a manner that reflects modesty, Christian values, common sense, and neatness of dress. Clothing items shall be purchased from Dennis Uniform or from the MRA Patriot Store as part of the approved items selected for MRA. Other items, such as footwear, belts, socks, hair accessories, under-shirts, etc. may be purchased from any vendor,  but must meet the required guidelines.


School uniforms have a positive effect on students AND teachers.
School uniforms promote a single standard of dress. Therefore, school environments become less competitive and more focused on learning. Similarly, research has shown there is a link between a student's appearance and teachers' expectations. High expectations means high achievement!

School uniforms boost school spirit.
Helping to build a sense of community within the school, uniforms create an atmosphere of belonging. This essence of unity can positively effect a child's attitude toward school and can lead to better learning and improved attendance. A child excited about school is a child ready to learn! "Hurrah!" for school pride!

School uniforms promote a safe, healthy learning environment.
No doubt about it! Education professionals agree that a safe school environment is essential for learning to take place. Uniforms make it easier for school officials to identify non-students while promoting a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

School uniforms make mornings easier.
Uniforms eliminate the need to argue over what to wear to school everyday. Through simplicity, uniforms promote time efficiency, organization, and neatness. Parents and students agree that getting the morning off right is the key to a productive and happy day.

School uniforms are cost-effective.
A student can easily be outfitted with easy-care, long-lasting uniforms for a cost effective amount each year.

School uniforms encourage individual self-expression.
With uniforms, students find ways to express themselves creatively, rather than through their clothes - through the arts, music, sports, personality and academic achievement.