Gardens of Madison County Steering Committee

2020 Steering Committee

Chairmen: Stacey Carter and Nancye Carter

Corporate Sponsors:
Corporate Sponsors: Ashley Stubbs and Sara Anne White
Correspondence: Ashley Rich and Mackenzie Burns
Corporate Baskets: Keri Watkins and Pamela Young

Garden Homes:
Homes: Laura McCrory
Home Write-ups: Shannon Roundtree and Pia Kirk
Home Hostesses: Jessica Murphy
Home Liaison: Liz Smitherman and Kelly Dixon
Tablescapes: Mindy Cobb and Kristen Blackard
Presenters: Mary Martin Guerieri and Leisje Noone
Signs/Tents: Daniel Mallett

Garden Party:

Garden Party: Ashley Bryson, Brittney Strong, Tonya Barber, and Dara Newman

Silent: Jamie Kerr and Shellie Cheatham
Live Auction: Kim Rogers and Jill Upchurch
Online Auction: Dale Cook
Drawdown: Jennifer Hopping and Ashleigh Barnes

Market and Cafe:
Garden Market: Ashlee Lutz. Lauren Hierlmeier, Rachel Chew, Lynda Honea
Garden Café: Tina Fulcher and Jennifer Kennon

Student Art:
Student Art/Kindergarten: Martha Grace Gray
Student Art/Elementary: Valerie Bailey

Public Relations:
Publicity/Social Media: Katie Agnew and Ginny Breckenridge
Northside Sun Liaison: Lisa Agent and Leslie Dixon

Tickets: Lexie Wren and Tina Hendry
Green Thumb Sponsors: Mona McBride and Whitney Little
Student Prize K/Elem: Jenny Montgomery, Ellen Street and Farrah Kennedy
Student Prize MS/HS: Jennifer Long and Anna McMillan

MRA Division:
MRA Overall: Leslie Dixon
MRA Finance: Grace Moore