2024 Steering Committee

2024 Steering Committee

Gardens Chairs: Kelly Dixon and Sara Anne White

Corporate Sponsors:
Corporate Sponsors: Jennifer Hopping, Lauren Dendy, Blair Lewis, and Ali Hudson
Correspondence: Katy Hedglin, Ashley Rich, Mackenzie Burns, and Wesley Nelson
Corporate Baskets: Whitney Little and Erin Miller

Gardens Homes:
Homes: Kelly Dixon and Sara Anne White
Home Write-ups: Pia Kirk and Shannon Roundtree
Home Hostesses: Loraleigh Phillips, Jamie Giordano, and Julie Hardy
Home Liaison: Christina Mundy, Anna Catherine Hodges, and Leisje Noone
Tablescapes & Presenters: Kaitlin Godfrey, Candace Gladden, Carly Smith, Emily Herron, Wendy Lewis, Lindsay Hardin, Brittany McKnight
Route/Signs/Tents: Ginny & Trey Breckenridge, Carolyn Grace Fincher, Crystal Lewis, Sara Jane Cole, Whitney Woods, Jessie Holmes

Gardens Party:

Party Chair: Carmen Gross
Party Committee: Heather Evans, Kristin Blackard, Elizabeth Sullivan, Candee Milling, Katy Prosser, Jamie Knighton
Tour Party: Melissa Peters and Lisa Hathorn

One Cause Auction Admin: Bekah Turner
Live Auction: Page Robertson, Whitney Foster, Hannah Waller, Meagan McPherson, Brittany Hines, Katie Snell
Online Auction: Christina Waller, Lily Eaton, Kim Ezelle, Chelsey Hunt, Tara Monk, Loralee O'Neal, Hannah Williams, Sarah Clark, Elizabeth Willis, Brittany Walker
Drawdown: Lauren Compton and Heather McGuire

Market and Café:
Gardens Market: Tara King, Jenny Claire Dyre, Lynda Honea, Mallory Rosamond, Katie Murphey, Melissa Killingsworth
Gardens Café: Alisha Schelver, Shannon Plunkett, Laurie Ann Lee, Karine Gandy

Student Art:
Student Art: Carolyn Lohman, Ashley Bryson, Mitzi Marsh, Allison Miller, Beth Anne Dickerson, Mandy Lawrence, Stephany Cooper, Mindy Morton, Brooke Owen, Amy Cockroft, Sarah Haney

Public Relations:
Publicity/Social Media: Meagan Babb, Rachel Chew, Bethany Killingsworth, Tammy Bagnato
Merchandise: Mary Martin Guerieri, Lauren Hierlmeier, Ashlee Lutz
Northside Sun Liaison: Lisa Agent and Martha Maxey

Tickets: Jessica Murphy, Julie Deer, Melissa Sorrick, Jennifer Kealhofer, Maranda Palmer
Green Thumb Sponsors: Mona McBride and Lauren Ammons
Student Prizes: Stacey Carter
Student Prize Kindergarten: Allison Cochran, Emily Green, Ashley Thompson
Student Prize Elem: Toni Dearman, Stacie Bloodworth
Student Prize MS: Susan Dickinson, Susan Duong
Student Prize HS: Lisa Hathorn

MRA Division:
Director of Advancement: Martha Maxey 
Advancement Coordinator: Kay Chance
Director of Development: Mary Claire Parrish
Director of Finance: Grace Moore
Media Coordinator: CT Adams
Graphic Designer: Lisa Agent