Madison-Ridgeland Academy

Challenged by the Gospel

Grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and its implications, with the tools to obtain spiritual direction and understanding.

A Lifelong Learner

Academically prepared with the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind to embark upon and seek to continue a rigorous intellectual path while understanding the importance of developing the mind and creating a strong worth ethic in career pursuits.

Well Balanced

Developing a healthy, balanced lifestyle possessing a foundation of Godly character, independence, and self-awareness. Growing in disciplines of mind and body through the pursuit of excellence in academics, athletics, and/or arts.

Engaged and Persuasive

Participating effectively in a community of ideas as a listener and communicator - understanding, critiquing, and challenging worldviews and their implication - working productively with others of diverse viewpoints and backgrounds while maintaining integrity of personal beliefs.

Skillful with Technology

Uses technology in a skillful and ethical manner and utilizes information systems in personal, scholastic, and professional contexts to acquire knowledge and advance learning.

A Servant to Others

Demonstrates an awareness of his or her impact on the community, values diversity, and has the skills to understand , cooperate, and empathize with others.