Over $3.7 Million Raised to Date!

Our Goal: $4,755,000


A Campaign Update from Termie Land, Head of School


In January 2023, under the leadership of the Board of Trustees, MRA launched Enhancing the Experience: A Campaign for MRA. Four projects have been selected to better enhance the experience of our students as they find their place, strengthen their relationships, and honor their God-given gifts and talents.

We invite you to join us in providing enriched academic programs and expanded opportunities for our students, faculty and families to serve and lead. We look forward to the impact these projects will have on the MRA family now and for years to come. 

1. Rawlings Hall Enrichment Center
The magic of MRA starts in kindergarten with our youngest learners - a place of wonder, excitement, and hands-on experiences. 

Completion of the Rawlings Hall Enrichment Center will move two K5 classrooms to the K5 hall, as well as create spaces for the enrichment classes of music, Bible, and computer.

In addition, the center will include a multi-purpose room for PE classes, indoor recess, after-school activities, Grandparents’ Days, and other school programs and events.

2. Classroom Upgrades and Enhancements
Additional upgrades planned for the elementary and high school wings include technology enhancements, new classroom desks and flexible seating, art casing displays, and new monitors for the hallways. 

Enriched science classes, labs, and a new BioMed program will also be added for high school students.

3. Performing Arts Practice Facility
Our performing arts program has grown significantly over the last five years. More than 200 students are involved in the performing arts at MRA, and the program continues to grow each year.

MRA will expand the current storage building south of the baseball field and create a Performing Arts Practice Facility. This will provide a permanent facility for our current and future performing artists to cultivate their talents and deepen their relationships.

4. Tennis Complex and Golf Practice Facility
MRA has purchased four acres from Ridgecrest Baptist Church to construct eight “home” tennis courts and a golf practice facility on Old Canton Road. This will enhance safety for our student-athletes while allowing for increased student and fan participation. 




"With Enhancing the Experience, we desire to provide avenues for our students to experience enriched academic programs and expanded opportunities to serve and lead.  We look forward to the impact it will have on the MRA campus and on the MRA family, now and for years to come."

Termie Land
Head of School

A Message from Our Campaign Chairs



If you would like to support Enhancing the Experience, please reach out to Mary Claire Parrish, Director of Development, at mcparrish@mrapats.org or 601.856.4455.