Increased Parking & Improved Traffic Flow
Straightening the road behind the baseball field will create room for approximately 70 parking spaces between the new road and the baseball outfield. Replacing the storage building just beyond baseball’s left field fence will provide a much-needed, more modern storage facility. Moving our visitor football bleachers and the parking spaces north of the bleachers closer to the track will improve traffic flow behind this area, and a brick structure covering the back of these bleachers would improve the aesthetics of this facility as viewed from Old Canton Road.

Elementary Enrichment Facility
MRA provides a multi-faceted approach to learning through its Elementary Enrichment program. Re-purposing the current cafeteria will allow for the creation of an Elementary Enrichment Facility that would serve as a hub, bringing together our extensive enrichment offerings into one common space. This space would also be used as an indoor recreation/assembly area for elementary students.

Enhanced Kindergarten & Elementary Playgrounds
Providing a turf surface along with new play structures for our kindergarten and elementary would allow students to thrive outdoors in a cheerful, safe environment.

"We are excited about Our Family, Our Future campaign because of the impact it will have on the MRA campus and on the MRA and for years to come. I invite all of the MRA family to help make these projects a reality as we build on our proud history while strategically planning for the limitless possibilities of the future."

Termie Land
Head of School